Our most popular horseback riding packages

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Trail Packages from 1-3 hours in length


Beginner levels:

Lakeside Loops - Approximately 1 hour rides. 3 different trails for your guide to choose from. All trails run right next to Cordell Hull Lake.  Comes with a short introductory 'how to ride' lesson. $50 single, $40 each for 2-5 riders

Lakeside Nature ride - 1 1/2-2 hour ride. Comes with a short introductory 'how to ride' lesson. Incredible views of natural cliffs, bluffs and glimpses of various water fowl (including Ospreys and Bald Eagles) $80 single, $60 each for 2-5 rider 

Mysteries of the Abandoned Tour -  2-3 hour ride. Mysteries, murders and bombing runs - the land around Cordell Hull Lake has been the site of so much history. Learn about it and local folklore while astride one of our smooth horses. Comes with a short introductory 'how to ride' lesson. $120 single, $100 each for 2-5 riders. 

Interested in something more challenging? Go to our Intermediate trail packages page to see what adventures the Cordell Hull Horse Trails have to offer

Intermediate/Advanced level Packages

Answers to common questions:

Can we go faster than a walk? 

- Depending on trail conditions and rider ability, your horseback riding guide may choose to do short sections in a medium to fast gait. After all, we want you to experience why the Tennessee Walking Horse is our state horse!

Can we trot or gallop?

- As all of our horses are smooth gaited TN Walkers, they do NOT trot. They can also gait faster than many horses can gallop. So no, our horses do not trot and rarely gallop

What is the maximum rider weight?

- Riders must be 280lbs or less

What is the minimum age?

- Minimum age for riders is 5 years old. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

- Yes. You are free to bring your own 'all sport' helmet (skateboarding helmet) or use one that we provide. 

Late Policy:

If you are more than 20 minutes late, the group that you were scheduled with may have already gone out - or we may have another group scheduled to go out within an hour. If this is the case, if there is room with the next group, we will add your group to it. If not, you may choose to wait until there is a time slot open ON THAT SAME DAY. There will be no rescheduling and we will not make every group for the rest of the day go out late because you were late. You have ONLY reserved that particular time slot. We advise you to get her 15 minutes early in order to avoid this situation. 

No Show Policy:

If your group is more than 40 minutes late, we will consider you as 'no shows'. You credit card will be charged the full amount owed to the farm for the time slot you reserved. If it is a groupon, the voucher will be redeemed. 


- Once you are in the corral with your assigned mount, no refunds are provided. We have reserved both the time slot and horse just for you. 

What should I wear?

- Some type of loose fitting or stretchy long pants and tennis shoes or boots. 

Can I bring water, my cell phone or other personal belongings?

- Each horse's saddle is outfitted with deep, secure pockets on each side. Each pocket can hold two standard sized bottles of water. So there is a safe place to stash your phone and drinks. 

How many riders can we have in a group?

- currently, our maximum number of riders is limited to 5. 

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