Lessons and Pony Parties

When you want to build a deep relationship between yourself and a horse/pony - or have a horse crazy birthday kid!

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Lead line lessons

Ages 3 and up. ONLY ride inside a corral. Instructor will have a leadline attached to horse/pony. Those with intellectual challenges are welcome.  Physically challenged riders are welcome as long as they can walk unaided for 100 ft and go up/down 5 stairs. Weight limit 280lbs

Price: $50 per hour per rider. Maximum group size of 2. By appointment only. 

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Ages 5 and up. Weight limit 280lbs.   Bareback, English and Western styless. Arena or Trail Obstacles.  Learning how to maintain a smooth gait in a gaited horse and being a safe rider are our primary focuses. Riders with minor physical/intellectual challenges are welcome!

Price: $50 per hour per rider. Groups up to 5.  By appointment only 

Pony Parties and Horse Riding Lessons

Ages 3 and up. Only ride in the safety of the corral if under 6. Parties consisting of all kids over 7 who also act mature, may get to do a trail ride.  May be led or shown how to ride on their own. #horseback riding #horse riding lessons

There is a beautiful shady lakeside area for setting up table and swimming in Cordell Hull Lake. No lifeguards are on duty!

$200 for rental of 1 pony and handler per hour. $50 each for each additional pony/horse.  Maximum of 5 horses and 3 handlers. 280lb weight limit.

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