We are 'modern horsemen'


Making use of the latest research and technology


The health, comfort and safety of both our horses and our riders is of utmost importance to us. We are always researching new products in order to achieve this goal. Some of the unusual tack you will see on our horses are:

Fly Masks - Would YOU like to have flies pestering your face and biting your ears? No, neither do our horses. Every horse has their own protective fly masks for being out in the pasture as well as a different one that is made for riding. This makes their life more enjoyable and thus, your trail ride much more pleasant.

Hackamores instead of harsh metal bits - Instead of banging metal against their tender tongue and teeth, our horses are all ridden in hackamores. This way, you will only be pulling on their nose. They've told us that they prefer this.

Deep Pockets - If your phone has ever slipped out of your back pocket, you will greatly appreciate the nice, secure, deep pockets that every horse has on them. Each pocket is designed to carry up to two water bottles securely over all types of terrain. Your phone, keys and drinks will all be easily accessible during the ride - and very secure!

Protective Hoof Boots (AKA 'Horsey Tennis Shoes') - Since some of our horses have tender feet, we use these boots instead of metal shoes. It is far healthier for hooves to be barefoot and trimmed every 3 weeks, then shod and trimmed every 8 weeks. Hoof Boots also have superior traction through mud and over slick rocks than metal shoes. Think of them as 'all terrain' horse boots. 

Nutrition is the key!

Our Guide rider is also an Equine nutritionist with degrees in Chemistry, Biology and Geoscience. She uses her knowledge of the local geology and forage mineral values to custom blend the vitamin and mineral content of our herd's ration.  Included in the daily ration are hoof supplements and mare supplements. 

We also use pasture rotation and a blend of old and new pasture management techniques. With proper fertilization, overseeding and weed management - our pastures are lush and nutritious - jut what a working herd of horses and goats need!