Safety is our Priority - horse riding Nashville

Riding Double

Riding double is one of the most dangerous things that riders do for both themselves and the horse. Saddles are not designed to accommodate two riders with a secure seat. This type of riding also puts pressure directly on a horse's kidneys and can cause bruising to those organs. It also often puts the horse at carrying over it's maximum of 20% of it's weight which can cause long term damage to that horse. 

We do not allow double horse riding on our horses

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Minimum Rider Age

Children are generally 'head heavy' and do not have full coordination or ability to focus for long periods of time - both which are necessary to control a horse - until around the age of 5. 'Head Heavy' means that when they fall or stumble, they generally hit the ground head first, as most parents can attest to.  For these reasons, most insurance companies specify that a riding stable have a posted minimum rider age of 5. 

    Riders must be 5 years old or older to ride our horses. 


As with bicycling, motorcycling, roller skating, skiing, and skateboarding - the responsible athlete protects their most valuable asset. Horse riding carries similar risks to those activities, so responsible and insured stables will have head protection available to all riders. 

At Lake Meadow Farm, helmets are mandatory.