Horse Riding Videos from our trails


Peninsula Section of the Lakeside Lowland Trail

We consider this one of the most picturesque sections of the 2 hour beginner level trail ride.

What is it like to ride a gaited hinney/mule?

A short video clip from the viewpoint of the rider aboard a rare gaited hinney in a nice little rack.

The Old Gnarled Gnome Tree

While the lake views are spectacular, there is also a lot of very interesting native plant life to enjoy on the ride.

The Free Cordell Hull Horse Campground

You don't have to actually bring horses to camp here. Everyone is welcome! No reservations and no camping fees! Owned and maintained by the USCOE

Waterfall Gorge on the Wilderness Trail

One of the many waterfall gorges on the extreme Wilderness trail. While, we no longer offer horse riding trail packages on this trail - it is open to hikers. If you bring your own horse, you can tag along with us during one of our endurance conditioning rides.


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Sliding Downhills

Footage taken on the extreme Wilderness trail. If you and your horse can do this safely, you may be able to handle this trail.