Intermediate and advanced Level Trail Packages - horseback i


Choose your adventure!


Intermediate Level:

*Riders must pass a basic skills test to go on these trails*

Lakeside Nature Campground Ride - full length. 2-3 hours. Has some challenges such as steep hills and water obstacles. We also go a bit faster and enjoy the smooth gaits. $120 single, $100 each for groups of 2-4


The path less taken


Advanced Level

*Riders must pass an advanced skills test - tacking up, low jumps, etc*

*Only Scheduled on Fridays. 200lb Rider Weight Limit due to the extreme hills!*

Bluff Loop trail - 3-4 hours. This is the first section of the extreme wilderness trail. Trail is so tough that ATVs can't do it. Spectacular bluff views and possible eagle nest sightings. $250 single, $200 each for 2-4 riders

Wilderness Trail - 6+ hours. This trail is only for those who bring their own horses. We do not offer it as a rental ride. Contact us to see when our trainer has scheduled a conditioning ride for our endurance horses and you can tag-a-long with just a tip for her. This is not a well marked trail in some sections, and is easy to get VERY lost without a local to show you the way. It is also 25-30 miles in length. So make sure that you and your horse are in shape for a very extreme 6 hours!


Live the Tennessee Experience

Horseback trail ride in Nashville TN aboard smooth gaited Tennessee Walking Horses and Gaited Mules. Horseback in Cookeville. Horseback in Nashville